I had such high expectations :(
I'm going to publish this post in english, since there are many international readers out there asking the same question as I did:

Can Apple TV mirror a game from my PC to my TV or can Apple TV stream games from my PC to my computer

Unfortunately, it can not.
I bought an Apple TV (3rd gen) from a local retailer and set it up with my new Samsung UE46F6475SBXXE which only craves a HDMI-cabel on your part.

Worked fine, but when I used the only method I know off to mirror my desktop to the Apple TV it lagged. It lagged like s*it, despite trying to force it to run in 60 fps. This of course, wouldn't be acceptable at all but the notion that you only got a white screen when starting a game (Hotline Miami, Outlast, Portal 2, Skyrim or other) totally made me scrap the idea of wirelessly mirroring my PC desktop to a TV.

Please note that my computer is a highend computer which runs games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3 (and 4 Beta) in Ultra settings without any problems at all. So the hardware is there.

I guess I'll have to simply buy a longer HDMI-cabel and have it cluttering my floorboards like a fat, black and none-wireless snake.


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